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Picture Galleries

Postby The_Boss » Tue Sep 06, 2005 10:52 pm

Each member also has the facilities to upload pictures to the galleries if they wish.

Please try and keep the width of the picture to about 500 pixels if possible.

I do understand some may not have the facilities to re-size pictures so you may either pm me and arrange to email them to me for resizing. I do reserve the right to re-size images to suit the site.

Please no naughty pictures either :lol:

To use the gallery login into the forums as usual then go to


NOTE This will only work if you ticked the keep me logged in box!!

If you log in each time you visit then when logged in click the link to my gallery (THe_Boss's Picture Gallery) on the left.

If you create a gallery a link will appear under your username in the forums and your profile so people can look at your pictures.

NOTE: Please do not use pictures from other sites that might be copyright.
Your original pictures only please..

Getting started to upload a picture you first need to click on the admin mode link at the top.
Next you need to create a gallery for your uploads I suggest using your username in the title. Click on Create Order my Albums.
Click New and then you will see New Album appear in the box change this to whatever you are going to call your album in the field with New Album at the bottom.

You will by following the continue etc yourself back at the gallery front page. Now click upload in the top links section and follow the instructions to upload your files. Note the largest file can be 1024kb or it will be rejected.
Your pictures will need approving by Admin before they appear on the site.

To view the galleries whilst waiting for approval click the link user mode to change out of admin mode.



Postby Guest » Tue Dec 11, 2007 1:37 am

The_Boss wrote:Each member also has the facilities to upload pictures to the galleries if they wish.

He said "galleries"!

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