No girls allowed !!

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No girls allowed !!

Postby jockstrap » Sat May 20, 2006 9:28 am

Today 10.35am – 11.35am on FIVE sees the return of the award-winning Saturday morning show designed to give you an adrenaline rush, presented by Joe Challands and Nigel Clarke.

Full of facts and figures about the latest cars, games and tricks, as well as explosions, stunts and sporting skills, it is the show that boys will not want to miss. The show is packed with world record-breaking attempts; the hottest hardware, from tanks to supercars; the latest in sports from the World Cup to Pelota; and the coollest petrol-head thrills as the team race the unlikeliest high speed full-throttle vehicles.

For the first time, this series gives the audience a chance to participate in some outlandish games held throughout the show for the chance to win that day’s ultimate prize, which could be anything from driving a tank through a portaloo to jumping out of a plane. Old favourites ‘999 Aquaslide’ and ‘The Box of Doom’ will be back alongside new games like ‘Target Lumberjacking’.

Also, each week, sportsmen and stuntmen will face off in a battle to see who is the best: who can burst the most balloons – a whip master or a flyfisherman? And which driver can do the most ‘donuts’ whilst eating the most doughnuts?

Joe and Nigel’s rivalry has increased since the last series and the two presenters take it upon themselves to try and outdo each other with some devilishly daring stunts. Joe has to try and win back the coveted Presenter Wars trophy which Nigel took from him in the last series.
Items featured in today’s programme include ‘Sumo Tug-of-war’, which pits two teams of kids against each other in a tug-of-war competition. One kid from each team will volunteer to be the scapegoat… and the losing side’s kid must wrestle a sumo wrestler! The sumo theme returns in ‘Face the Girl’. Whichever presenter has lost a battle in which remote-controlled cars dressed as rabbits try to avoid being caught by a terrier (!), must face 30 seconds’ combat against Big Jackie Bates. She will try to throw them out of the ring as quick as possible… and maybe sit or lie on them as well!

This week’s show also includes three items featuring lumberjacks. In ‘Target Chopping’, two lumberjacks armed with axes must chop down a pole as fast as possible and hit a target – a breakfast table laid out for a meal. In ‘Pole Climbing’, two loggers must climb a 20-foot pole while carrying a firework and place it on the top, before descending and picking up a lighter. They must then climb back up again and light the firework. The first firework to go off wins.
And in ‘Dude, Where’s My Keys?’, kids look for keys in the hay while a lumberjack chops down timber with small axe. The timber is above a car – if the kids don’t find the keys in time, the car gets it! Even if they do find the keys in time, they face a tricky run to the car in a bid to drive it to safety. In ‘Caravan Darts’, two kids shoot a dart at a caravan with dartboards painted on it, towed by another car.
In ‘Presenter Wars’, ‘Car Jousting’ sees Joe and Nigel, decked out in knights’ armour, sitting on chairs welded to the roof. They have two runs each.
And in ‘Stunt Sofa’, a car jumps off a ramp and lands on a sofa. ‘Granddad Goalie’ features two teams of kids kicking footballs at a greenhouse defended by a grandad. Each have 30 seconds, and the kid who smashes the most panes is the winner. Extra points are awarded if they hit a plant situated on a plinth inside the greenhouse. ‘Frisbee Madness’ also gives two teams of kids 30 seconds to smash as many wine glass pyramids as possible.

There’s more destruction-based fun in ‘Wimbel Smash’. Four kids try to smash panes of glass – of varying sizes and at varying distances – which are carried by Joe and Nigel. The teams take it in turns. The one that gets the most points wins.
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