BRIT Award nominations are here!

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BRIT Award nominations are here!

Postby ho-unit! » Wed Jan 11, 2006 5:49 pm

All taken from the website. Here's all the nominations and my opinion.

British Male Solo Artist
Antony and the Johnsons Rough Trade / Sanctuary
Ian Brown Fiction / Universal
James Blunt Atlantic / Warner Music
Robbie Williams Chrysalis / EMI Music
Will Young S / Sony BMG Music

Antony And the Johnsons are amazing! I be happy for them to win it. (problem is, their music are so depressing and strange!). I havent heard from Ian brown much so far, Will Young's only just started kicking againg only 2 months ago, Robbie seems to always win it but his album's apparantly not as good as b4 and James Blunt has made a big impact (i don't mind him except you're beutiful has officially become annoying). My it's quite close tbh with the bottom 3. I hopy antony does well but Robbie's probably gonna win it again.

British Female Solo Artist
Charlotte Church Sony BMG / Sony BMG Music
Kate Bush EMI / EMI Music
Katie Melua Dramatico / Dramatico
KT Tunstall Relentless / EMI Music
Natasha Bedingfield Phonogenic / Sony BMG Music

I really like KT Tunstall and Katie Melua's music. I like both their albums. Why is kate bush in there? surely there's a few betters ones out this year. Charlotte Church is just popularity pop and is more likely a drunk/chav's fave and natasha has been quiet so far as well. I hope it's a split between KT and katie melua. KT tunstall will probably win it.

British Group
Coldplay Parlophone / EMI Music
Franz Ferdinand Domino Recordings / Domino Recordings
Gorillaz Parlophone / EMI Music
Hard-Fi Necessary / Atlantic / Warner Music
Kaiser Chiefs B Unique / Polydor / Universal

I love almost all of these bands! Coldplay are the best! They definately should get something this year. Franz are great aws well. I saw them live and they are great. I'm not keen on Gorillaz although their singles are good. THere's something in Hard-Fi that puts me off but theyre menat to be really good live. Kaiser Chiefs are really impressive as well. SO amny choices....I think I'll go for Kaiser Chiefs although I really do root for franz to go further again.

MasterCard British Album
Coldplay X & Y Parlophone / EMI Music
Gorillaz Demon Days Parlophone / EMI Music
James Blunt Back To Bedlam Atlantic / Warner Music
Kaiser Chiefs Employment B Unique / Polydor / Universal
Kate Bush Aerial EMI / EMI Music

Kate Bush really has madea suprise impact. I liked Jamesw Blunt's album for a while but i've been put off it. Coldplay's Album is brilliant (even though i think A rush of Blood to the Head was better) and I really think they deserve this one this year.

British Single
Winner chosen by UK Commercial Radio listeners

Coldplay Speed Of Sound Parlophone / EMI Music
James Blunt You’re Beautiful Atlantic / Warner Music
Shayne Ward That’s My Goal Syco Music / Sony BMG Music
Sugababes Push The Button Island / Universal Music
Tony Christie ft Peter Kay (Is This The Way To) Amarillo UMTV / Universal Music

Is Shayne gets this award I will be seriously annoyed. He does not deserve a BRIT award. His singing talent is about as big as the rejects FROM THE x FACTOR. Coldplay's great but not single material. That Sugababes song was annoying and so was all the rest of them. SInce it is by Commercial Radio Listeners, I'm not suprised by the nominations. The kids will vote for Tony Christie, the screaming yougn teenage girls will vote for Shayne and the ones who hated Shayne will choose the other 3.

British Breakthrough Act
Winner chosen by Radio 1 listeners

Arctic Monkeys Domino Recordings / Domino Recordings
James Blunt Atlantic / Warner Music
Kaiser Chiefs B Unique / Polydor / Universal
KT Tunstall Relentless / EMI Music
Magic Numbers Heavenly / EMI Music

Arctic Monkeys are gonna be really big but I don't think they're ready yet. When their album comes out, they'll be big though. All these bands have been great last year especially Magic Numbers (although i still think their songs are still a bit hippy for me). Tough call but I'd be happy if any of them would win (well mayb not James blunt if he wins another award)

British Urban Act
Winner chosen by MTV:Base viewers
Craig David Warner Brothers / Warner Music
Dizzee Rascal XL Recordings / Beggars Group
Kano 679 Recordings / Warner Music
Lemar Sony Music / Sony BMG Music
Ms Dynamite Polydor / Universal Music

I havent' been big on the Urban Act lately but most of these havent made an impact all year! so I have no idea (ODes Craig David even count as urban?)

British Rock Act
Winner chosen by Kerrang! TV viewers

Franz Ferdinand Domino Recordings / Domino Recordings
Hard-Fi Necessary / Atlantic / Warner Music
Kaiser Chiefs B Unique / Polydor / Universal
Kasabian RCA / Sony BMG Music
Oasis Big Brother / Sony BMG Music

I like Oasis but they're a band that I only like their singles for. It's the same with Hard-fi as well. I've got the Kasabian album and I can't really see what the fuss is about. So I'm going for Franz or Kaiser Chiefs again. It'll probably be Franz here.

British Live Act
Nominees chosen by a panel of experts in association with The Live Music Forum. Winner chosen by Radio 2 listeners

Coldplay Parlophone / EMI Music
Kaiser Chiefs B Unique / Polydor / Universal
Franz Ferdinand Domino Recordings / Domino Recordings
KT Tunstall Relentless / EMI Music
Oasis Big Brother / Sony BMG Music

Muse aint there?! They're mint (but havent done anything this year)! All of these bands are great live. I saw Franz Ferdinand live and they're great. I saw most of the rest on MTV. But Coldplay's glastonbury performance seals it for me.

Pop Act
Winner chosen by CD:UK viewers, readers of The Sun Bizarre column, and customers of O2 and Motorola

James Blunt Atlantic / Warner Music
Katie Melua Dramatico / Dramatico
Kelly Clarkson RCA / Sony BMG Music
Madonna Maverick / Warner Music
Westlife S / BMG / Sony BMG Music

Argh! POP!!! can't stand it. I really don't think Katie Melua should be in Pop. She's more jazz but I guess she's just nbeing marketed that way. I'd settle for Blunt, Madonna or Katie. NOT WESTLIFE!!!! THey did not deserve Record of the Year and they definately to not deserve. BUt since this is CD:UK, the little kids will probably vote for Westlife anyway.

International Male Solo Artist
Beck Interscope / Universal Music
Bruce Springsteen Columbia / Sony BMG Music
Jack Johnson Island / Universal Music
John Legend Columbia / Sony BMG Music
Kanye West Roc-A-Fella / Mercury / Universal Music

John Legand's alright. I like some of Jack Johnson's singles but onle one person stands out here nand that's Kanye West. His music's great and I wouldn't be suprised if he got this.

International Female Solo Artist
Björk One Little Indian / One Little Indian
Kelly Clarkson RCA / Sony BMG Music
Madonna Maverick / Warner Music
Mariah Carey Def Jam / Island / Universal Music
Missy Elliot Atlantic / Warner Music

Hmm... Bjork?! when did she release an album? Madonna's great but i havent any of the albums for any of these but I'd go for Madonna or Maria Carey's comeback.

International Group
Arcade Fire Rough Trade / Sanctuary
Black Eyed Peas A&M / Universal Music
Green Day Reprise / Warner Music
U2 Island / Universal Music
White Stripes XL Recordings / Beggars Group

Arcade Fire are meant to be brilliant. But i sometimes their singles are too cluttered with every instrument you can think of (note: i gotta get the album). I'm sure green day were nominated last year as well for the same album! I can't choose! I hope green day finally get this but the rest are also really good.

International Album
Arcade Fire Funeral Rough Trade / Sanctuary
Green Day American Idiot Reprise / Warner Music
Kanye West Late Registration Roc-A-Fella / Mercury / Universal Music
Madonna Confessions On A Dancefloor Maverick / Warner Music
U2 How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Island / Universal Music

Kanye West or Arcade fire should get this. I hope one of them gets it. Something's telling me some poeple are being nominated twice for the same album in 2 years!

International Breakthrough Act
Arcade Fire Rough Trade / Sanctuary
Daniel Powter Warner Brothers / Warner Music
Jack Johnson Island / Universal Music
John Legend Columbia / Sony BMG Music
Pussycat Dolls A&M/ Universal Music

Defo No to Pussycat Dolls! Only one of them actually sings! This is quite tough because the only that havce made the biggest impacts in pop are Daniel Powter and Pussycat Dolls. hopefuly Arcade Fire will get something.
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Postby The_Boss » Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:15 am

Nothing much in these nominations really stands out this year.

I agree as long as Shayne Ward does not win anything unless it is worst new comer :twisted:

Being a Big Will Young fan of course I would wish him to win Solo Artist but it is unlikely this time around but you never know.

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