It was eventually gonan happen.... (and the TTE awards!)

Forum for discussion of both the That'll Teach 'em series (Kings School and Hope Green ) and the follow up programme That Taught 'em. You can also discuss anything about educational standards of the present day or the past. Fans of the series can interact with the pupils and staff of all series as well.
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It was eventually gonan happen.... (and the TTE awards!)

Postby ho-unit! » Tue May 02, 2006 10:15 pm

I'd just like to thank everyone here for making TTE brilliant. I had the greatest 4 weeks of my life. I have made so many gr8 friends and It was brilliant meeting you all. I really do hope we meet again somewhere in the near future.

And I thought it would be interesting to make some TTE awards. Basically you nominate for whom you think would deserve this prize.

Best Pupil in TTE
Best Teacher in TTE (this can include matron as well :) )
Biggest Suprise That You Never Expected
Funniest Moment

I''ll Go First

Best Pupil in TTE: Amy. I just couldn't help laughing at practically everytiem i see her.

Best Teacher in TTE: Dr Wilde. Funny Guy. Cheap Jokes at times but he was great

Biggest Suprise: Me shouting COME ON! i thought i did that when it was off camera as well!

Funniest Moment: When Phil dropped his chocoloate on the first day. I was in stiches!
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Postby Ilovethisshow » Tue May 02, 2006 10:28 pm

Best Pupil in TTE - Luke Mills
Best Teacher in TTE (this can include matron as well ) Matron
Biggest Suprise That You Never Expected - Ingrams lack of interest by the end
Funniest Moment - All of it

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Postby The_Boss » Tue May 02, 2006 10:29 pm

Oh how can we choose a best pupil?
or a Teacher?

Biggest surprise the girls beating the boys in building and racing a cart.

Funniest Moment The boys singing Ho Ho Ho in music lesson I guess takes some beating

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