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Doc W
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mathematical genius

Postby Doc W » Tue Apr 25, 2006 7:39 pm

Of course Luke could do it. Otherwise he would go to a whole school full of people who couldn't (as he is the cleverest student there). Also he must be able to do sums as otherwise the maths teacher wouldn't like him and that's impossible :D :wink:
Doc W

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Postby hathaway » Wed Apr 26, 2006 12:13 am

The_Boss wrote:On a nostalgic point it has always stuck in my mind since childhood at the speed people were able to do mental arithmetic.

In my father's shop they used to write each transaction on a till roll. At the end of the day he would of course have to add that long list up to get the day's takings. (IN £:s:d )
I still maintain today that he could do that a lot quicker than you could do it by entering the list into a calculator excluding maybe a really skilled comptometer.

That certainly brought back memories :lol: I did the commercial course at the high school, but when I left I took a job at a local company as a trainee comptometer operator. The girls in the office trained me, but I was not satisfied with that as I had no qualifications for it so I found a job at a company outside of the town, and they were prepared to send me to a comp school at Hanger Lane. However I did not really want to travel to the other company as at that time I did not drive or possess a car, so I told my boss about the new job and he sent me to Hanger Lane for a month's course.

Regarding the speed of the comp compared with the calculator, the calculator would win hands down, and I have operated both, the comp for 5 years and the calculator for getting on for 25 years.

However I do not believe that the calculators should be used so freely in the schools for it does make the brain lazy. My mother, in her eighties, can still reckon a list of figures as quickly and correctly as I can. Bet most of the pupils in the modern schools would be hard pushed to do that.

By the way, I used to love the mental arithmatic and spelling tests each Monday after registration. Are the tests still done in the schools today?

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