Bad Lads Army is back and this year it’s extreme. Thirty lads face an almighty battle to turn their lives around forever with the most daunting challenge to date – a 3,500 foot solo parachute jump. Produced by Twenty Twenty Television for ITV1.

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Captain Henry Dodds

Captain Henry Dodds or ‘The Boss’ is the epitome of the polished professional army officer, but with bite. He left the army in 1992 after 13 years service and as the Bad Lads’ Major he will appear at the camp throughout the series to offer advice and dish out the discipline.

Company Sergeant Major (CSM) Julian Whatley

CSM Julian Whatley is the man in charge of all the Bad Lads’ discipline, a turn up for the books for someone who at the age of 13 was told by his headmaster he would either end up in prison or the army. He is also responsible for their officer training, including social entertaining.

Opting for a life in the army, Whatley left after 25 years service having reached the highest possible rank of Regimental Sergeant Major and including time spent as a member of the Prince of Wales Royal Regiment.

Tough, confident and loud, Whatley is a stickler for etiquette, having dined with the Princess of Wales and other royalty. He’ll aim to use his sense of humour to keep his recruits in line and train the Bad Lads on how to behave in polite company – a formidable task.

Platoon Sergeant Alastair Rae

Sergeant Alastair Rae, a familiar face from the last series, will be in charge of Pegasus Platoon, which includes the Bad Lads recruits and the corporals.

Known for putting the lads through their paces, Rae will not hold back and certainly isn’t afraid to get in their faces. With his very high standards how likely will it be that any of the current recruits will match them?

Platoon Corporal Joe Murray

The return of the formidable Corporal Joe Murray will surely have new recruits questioning what they have got themselves into.

Murray was one of the main characters to emerge from the past two series and with his intimidating stature matched by his booming Scottish voice he’s certainly not a man to be messed with. However, what the recruits need to quickly learn is that if they give him his deserved respect he will repay it in kind.

Corporal ‘Nooky’ Richard Nauyokas

Corporal Nauyokas joined the army in 1980 and left after 22 years in 2002. He served as a driver, radio operator, Physical Training Instructor and Military Training Instructor.

He left the army as a Warrant Officer Class 2 Squadron Sergeant Major. He asks a lot from his recruits but is their biggest supporter and will go to any lengths to help them get through the training course.

Provost Sergeant Tim Weston

Sergeant Weston is in charge of discipline – dispensing his own brand of justice from the camp prison.

As head of the military jail, Provost Sergeant Tim Weston is one man the Bad Lads should fear. Having served in the regular Army and the TA, there is nothing he hasn’t seen or dealt with.

A combination of menace and unpredictability should ensure that the Guard Room is the last place the Bad Lads will want to end up spending time in.

*NEW* Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Jack Newton

Pain, pain and more pain.

For most of the Bad Lads the most physical excursion they’ve encountered is running away from trouble, flexing their fists and exercising their beer arm. Step forward Newton, the man responsible for the Bad Lads’ physical training.

A former British army warrant officer for the Light Infantry regiment, he’s spent 16 years in the forces and exudes enthusiasm for keeping fit and is more than ready to crack the whip where necessary.

*NEW* Relief Corporal James Bush

The Bad Lad recruits may think they have sussed both Corporals Murray and Thomas’ style, but Bush will soon shake it all up as their third training instructor with his short, sharp, shock tactics.

Now a Met police officer who specialises in instructing riot squads, Bush served 16 years in the parachute regiment and so will be perfectly suited to knocking the Bad Lads into shape for their mission.

Loud and unpredictable, Bush is a ball of energy so fireworks are bound to go off when he gets his first taste of the action.

*NEW* Clerk to CO Susan Tucker

Attractive Susan Tucker’s appearance may well cause a stir among the lads but looks can be deceptive. A bodyguard specialising in close protection, she’s no pushover. In fact, her booming voice could well strike fear into the hearts of even the baddest lad. And she’s pretty good at interrogation too.

*NEW* Medical Clerk Jennifer Jayne Adams

Jennifer Jayne spent 13 years in the RAF and is tough – inside and out. She won’t suffer fools gladly and like Sergeant Tucker she always has her bullshit detector switched on to ‘high’.


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why is nooky wearing wings? he could never pass 'p' coy as a regular, so why is he instructing it?

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