Spring Meadows

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Spring Meadows

Postby hathaway » Tue May 30, 2006 2:09 pm

Let's take a stroll to the other side of town,
Where the noise of the traffic dies right down.
We'll walk up the hill and over the stile,
And wander in fileds, and sit for a while.

The meadows are lush for now it is spring,
Buttercups, daisies, and how those birds sing!
The scent of wild mint wafts up from our feet,
And blossoms of May are heady and sweet.

From high in the sky, the murmur of planes,
And from the tracks, the whoosh of the trains.
Rabbits and foxes flee from our sight,
We wish them no harm, they needn't take flight.

The sun dapples through the fluffy green trees,
And in the background are soft humming bees.
The cuckoo calls out in its comical way,
Oh - let's walk in a meadow, in England, in May!

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