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Games Consoles

Postby daveyboi » Mon Sep 12, 2005 9:01 am

With all the three naming their new boxes which is going to be the best I wonder??

X Box 360 is hitting the shops in time for Xmas priced at £209 for the core and £297 for the fully loaded...
They reckon this one will be hack proof however we will see !!! :lol:

Sony has unveiled its new PlayStation 3 console, calling it "a supercomputer for computer entertainment". However not available till the spring and price unknown at present.

Nintendo has surprised many by unveiling a new version of GameBoy, called the GameBoy Micro, due to go on sale in the autumn.

The tiny game player is just slightly bigger than an iPod Mini, but two-thirds the weight.
:twisted: "No matter how tight your jeans are, the GameBoy Micro will fit in them"
Their new home console has been named Revolution and will play DVDs, have built-in wi-fi, an SD memory card slot, and 512Mb of flash memory.
Also it will play all the old games as well a big plus in my mind.

So which camp are you going to be in ?????

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